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stefstef Registered User
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We have big difficulty to have a good communication between laptop and DL2, sometimes we can see the DL2 server but no communication possible with it.
We are obliged to make a hard reset on the fixture, to work on it with the content manager.
The problem is new, with this version and



  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    This has been a known issue for a while, and is logged into our system as bug #9606. I am going to guess that you are not using a router, and instead are letting the DL.2s auto-ip themselves, which is what the problem is related to. The problem comes from powering up your DL.2s before you power up your network switch/hub. We have been working on this and will continue to do so.

    An easy workaround for this is to make sure that the power to your network switch/hub is on before the DL.2s are powered up. This will allow all the network settings to take effect correctly and everything will be up and running. The other is the one you already mentioned, which is rebooting the DL.2 fixture.

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