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Hey there
Using hog 1000 latest version and all that jazz. And yes I do perform a clean start regularly. The problem happens regularly on different shows.
When I use the default circle effect It does the circle sweet but after a little time running it seems that the pan and tilt get slightly out of phase and instead of a circle you get a diagonal pan ie.top left of proscenenium to bottom right of prosc. I do believe after more time it gets back to circle. Is this something to do with the sine wave/cosine waves being different sizes or speeds or something???
This is using moving heads - Mac 600,500,250+.
Havn't had a chance to have a good fiddle with it. Mite if I get sum time but thought I would see if anyone else had come across this.

Thanks all
Dave Spark


  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited August 2006
    There could be a lot of factors causing it effect to become off. If pan/tilt can't keep up with the effect they could get off. Like you said if the Rate, Size, or Offset are different between parameters they could get off. You have to remember these are just effects. If you want the fixtures to do the same thing and or hit the same positions then you should build a chase and put the fixtures wear you want them to hit or not to hit. This would be a more repeatable cuelist.
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