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Dear Sir,

I have a DL2 that can't function now. It seem only the motion parts of the fixture. I checked the server still can work. The motion of the fixture can't home when the fixture turned on. And those pan/ tilt motor seems no power.

I check the base board and head board. Base board LD1 & 2 have light up but no LD3. The Head Board LD1 & 2 didn't light up. I checked that there are power supply to the head board. I tried to replaced those two Board from other DL2 but the problem still consist.

The other problem is that there are USB INITI Error. Although I changed the USB wire to the Base Board and also the server, the problem still exist.

Please help me out of it.



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    i will ask the basic question, have you done a hard re-start? double checked all the connections on the server? check the p/t motor connections on base board?
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    to see ifhte server works properly try plugging a vga monitor directly from the back of the server and see if you get playback to the vga monitor. the possible USB error, sounds if a cable is pinched. slide out the server and check cable path that it is not binding within base.

    just some ideas, to try.
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    When you plug in the fixture, the green "Status" LED on the front of the fixture should be on solid. From what you are describing, I am willing to bet that the status will not be on at all.

    This is consistant with not having LD1 & 2 on the head card, as well as the USB INT Error. The USB chip for the motion system is located on the head card, and the USB INT Error means that it is having problems communicating with the head card (even though the USB connection is on the box card). It is extremely odd, however, that you say swapping in cards from another DL.2 didn't fix your problem.

    There is a fuse on the upper right-hand corner of the head card (near the main power connection). If you have a meter, check this fuse to make sure it is still good. Also, the main power connector on the head card also carries data from the box card to the head card. Make sure all four wires on that connector have good connectivity from one card to the other.

    Please let me know if these things help.

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