Hog 1000 sub LCD backlights not working - programming tonight!

Michael E.Michael E. Registered User
The backlights on the sub LCDs on my newish (<6 month old) Hog 1000 did not come on when I plugged the console in this afternoon. A few power on/offs and a clean start did nothing. The LCDs themselves are showing info, but no backlighting. No response to any changes of the backlight level in the control panel.

Any ideas on what the problem could be? Loose cable or maybe something more serious?

I'm supposed to program some stuff tonight, I did call and leave a message on the emergency line. Hopefully someone will call me back. I'd hate to have to do everything on the main LCD, what a pain in the rear.



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Did you get a call back from the emergency line? Have you opened the console and checked the cables? It could be a loose connection.

    Please feel free to call 800-890-8989 and you should be able to speak with someone right away. Also you can email me directly at brad_schiller (at) highend.com with your contact information and I will see that you get help asap.

  • Michael E.Michael E. Registered User
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    Brad, thanks for your reply. Sorry I wasn't able to post an update until now. Mitch called me back last night shortly after I posted this. We discussed checking the supply voltage and connections. However, upon getting back behind the console last night - all the backlights were back on! The console also did well today. I had planned on calling Mitch back today and giving him an update but unfortunately I ended up with a pretty busy day.

    Perhaps it was some weird power at this venue that caused it, maybe they got a power surge or two. I came back last night to find that while the LCD backlights worked, I had 8 coughmac2kscough...I mean um X-spot wannabes that had all freaked out with multiple errors each, etc. Lots of strange stuff going on here. The video truck somehow busted both A/C units too, with 90+ temps outside!

    Thank you guys so much for being so helpful so fast. I apologize for insignificance of the situation...but I really love this console and did NOT want to swap to something else!
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    I am glad to hear it is fixed automagically... and that Mitch was able to provide you with information in a timely manner.

    thanks for the update and have a great show.
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