collage access.

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Your instructions posted on the websight talk about GLobal modifier 1 needing to be at a DMX value of 134 to access the collage function. Then says Modifier 1 at a value of 1 to set up the configuration I am using.
The language your using on the websight doesn't compute to what my Hog II PC stage output says.
Can you put the instructions in the form relating to what the output parameters say on them. Otherwise I am going in circles and getting knowhere.
The parameters on the global section are as follows:
I need to know if Fx2m1 is modifier 1 ect...
Do you have any conversion charts that convert the language for us lighting /non video guys?


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    The modifiers for Effects #1 (Fx1) are Cyan-Magenta-Yellow
    The modifiers for Effects #2 (Fx2) are Fxm1-Fxm2-Fxm3

    A quick study of the DL-2 DMX chart should reveal this:

    The chart is also available in the manual included in the CMA software

    You might do well to convert to Hog-3PC, b/c if you are programming DL-2s on the old H2 platform I feel for you!:aiwebs_007:

    Not that I don't have love for H2 (I worked on them for almost 10 years), but H3 just makes so much more sense when you start getting involved with these things. It's a bit like trying to run large numbers of moving lights off of say an ETC board....yes you can, but WHY put yourself through that?!?:hogsign:

    At any rate I hope the info is helpful:)
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    I know the old Hog II has small sucky touch screens and only 8 faders.
    My PC set up has 2 playback and 1 program wing and I do have the Hog III software and two 15" touch screens and soon to add a third.
    I will eventually upgrade my widgets. That is still a sour taste in my mouth to have to spend money upgrading a widget that has the Hog III logo on it already yet doesn't work with Hog III. pretty stupid in my opinion!
    Anyway, so what modifier has to have a level of 134?
    I don't think any parameters with the exception of Ctrl go by dmx value.
    All the others go by percentage.
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Under Global, Fx1 has the value of 134. That is the Collage Generator Effect. The Modifiers for Fx1 labeled CMY then manipulate the Collage Generator where CMY map to Mod 1,2,3 in the protocol doc.
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    Under the FX1 parameter it begins with CMY1 then
    here is the order:
    first with a clockwise turn:
    Below CMY1 is: in counter clockwise turn:
    safe/color 7-0/tile 14-0/position 53-0/reserved 127-0

    Either I am missing something or we have different operating software.
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You probably need to download the latest library file for the DL.2 for Hog 2.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear about that...Cyan corresponds to Modifier 1 for FX1, Magenta to Modifier2 to FX1, and Yellow to Modifier 3 for FX1.:rolleyes:

    If you are seeing percentages I believe 52.5% exactly corresponds to DMX 134, if I've done my homework properly that is;)

    I too purchased an H2 widget and had to pay to upgrade it, but I got several good years worth of service before having to upgrade, and I knew that I would have to upgrade b/c I asked when I bought it originally.:)

    The software is free already, it makes sense to have to pay to upgrade the hardware to me. It's not like crazy $$ anyway to do the upgrade. I thought it was a very reasonable price.:dunno:
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    I have the latest Hog II software unless there is a new release in the past week.
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    Just downloaded the library file for DL-2 and it's the same one I already have.
    The parameter chart doesn't have a DMX/percentage conversion. And with the readout being text instead, there isn't any conversion for that either.
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    I need to know what sub menu name is = to dmx value 134 on the FX1 wheel.
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You need to be sure you are using the Global layer and not one of the Graphic layers for bringing up Collage mode.

    If you look at the current Hog 2 lib file you'll see it will be displayed as 'collage'

    fixture = Dl2globl
    manufacturer = 2
    product = 65
    name = Dl2global
    output = dmx

    parameter = Intensity
    default = 0
    highlight = 255
    crossfade = 0
    type = htp8bit
    range = 0, 255, %

    parameter = Fx1
    default = 1
    highlight = 1
    crossfade = 1
    kind = c
    type = ltp8bit
    range = 135, 255, reserved, noauto
    range = 46, 127, color, noauto
    range = 0, off, noauto
    range = 1, cmy1, noauto
    range = 2, cmy2, noauto
    range = 3, cmy3, noauto
    range = 4, rgb1, noauto
    range = 5, rgb2, noauto
    range = 6, rgb3, noauto
    range = 7, rgb2gbr, noauto
    range = 8, rgb2brg, noauto
    range = 9, solariz1, noauto
    range = 10, solariz2, noauto
    range = 11, solariz3, noauto
    range = 12, solariz4, noauto
    range = 13, dotp, noauto
    range = 14, rgbcycle, noauto
    range = 15, allornone, noauto
    range = 16, solidrgb, noauto
    range = 17, invrtrgb, noauto
    range = 18, irgb2gbr, noauto
    range = 19. irgb2brg, noauto
    range = 20, edgedtcl, noauto
    range = 21, edgedtbw, noauto
    range = 22, horzripl, noauto
    range = 23, vertripl, noauto
    range = 24, circripl, noauto
    range = 25, ascrripl, noauto
    range = 26, chrmafne, noauto
    range = 27, chrmamed, noauto
    range = 28, chrmacrs, noauto
    range = 29, ichmafne, noauto
    range = 30, ichmamed, noauto
    range = 31, ichmacrs, noauto
    range = 32, scanline, noauto
    range = 33, tranwipe, noauto
    range = 34, pixtwist, noauto
    range = 35, picnpic, noauto
    range = 36, maglens1, noauto
    range = 37, maglens2, noauto
    range = 38, toonedge, noauto
    range = 39, deconvrg, noauto
    range = 40, horizmir, noauto
    range = 41, rgb2bgr, noauto
    range = 42, rgb2rbg, noauto
    range = 43, rgb2grb, noauto
    range = 44, clrzgray, noauto
    range = 45, intenkey, noauto
    range = 128, maskcolr, noauto
    range = 129, edgecolr, noauto
    range = 130, maskcolr, noauto
    range = 131, backcol1, noauto
    range = 132, backcol2, noauto
    range = 133, reserved, noauto
    range = 134, collage, noauto
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    OK now I see the problem. the FX1 parameter in the Global section will only dial up to range= 129 edgecolr whick is as far as the parameters go to.
    Sounds like a library file mistake.
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    I did go into the file and it does say exactly what your chart says it should. However there is no way to access above the 129 dmx value.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    I'm not seeing this Jeff?:confused:

    The collage is not present in the ROM library of the latest H2PC. If you download the new profiles from the FPS website and paste the new lib.lib into your showfile it should come up (make sure nothing is patched yet)

    I'm seeing it just fine on my H2PC this way.

    Make sure you are not reverting to ROM library version when you patch (select the "X" for no)

    Hope this gets you over the hurdle:)
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    thanks for the help. I had to rebuild the patch with the new library, then merge my show into this new one. The collage generation works great.
    The only thing I see wrong is with the intructions and the parameter layout for H2PC. The color wheels do the Modifiers and the FX1 does the collage. Yellow picks what part of the grapgic to project and cyan picks the grid setup for the number of fixture you have.
    Too bad the instructions couldn't be written in these simple terms for all to understand.
    So here is is again for those who don't speak video.
    the Parameter Fx1 goes to full which is labeled collage.
    then cyan goes to level 1 in my case for 2 fixtures side by side
    and yellow selects which part of the graphic each fixture will be projecting.
    a good starting point is to select a grid on the yellow wheel to help alignment first.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Glad you got it up and running:friday:
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