collage and anything else?

alex saadalex saad Registered User
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Not that I have seen collage, except on this web site, but will it be possible to use with DL1s or even normal projectors soon?

I definitely have an application where I would rather use 2 * 10k projectors side by side rather than slot a wide angle lens in at less intensity.


  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    There is nothing definite yet on this but it is something we have discussed doing in the future.

    For the moment, Collage will just be a DL.2 feature though.
  • dmdesignsdmdesigns Registered User
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    however, Catalyst 4 has a "soft edge" effect that can be applied to any or all sides of a piece of media. Its not as detailed as the CG but it gets the job done. I have also used a Blend Pro, which is a $150 rental item from most video houses and will give a much more detailed effect. I have done shows with blending across 4 Catlsysts using a Barco Encore, Spyder or Montage system, so its possible. Dop me a line if you need any suggestions.
  • Kris.gKris.g Registered User
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    Just wondering??? How do you get to the blending bledes on Catalyst Ver 4?????? I've just upgraded from Ver 3.3 but i've not noticed this feature yet............
  • dmdesignsdmdesigns Registered User
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    Its a new Visual FX, its number 204. There is a whole list of new EFX they hid at the bottom. Keep in mind that you need to use the softness contol, which appears right below the efx select as well as keystone control. Like I said, its not the best but its a great start. Maybe the DL.2 team can share some of the ideas with the Cat team, if only on the edge blend gradients???
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