Programming Hog iii for DL2's

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Has anyone got a Bac-up file with there programming for Dl2's which I could have a look at......

Just wanting to see how different people program there DL2's on the WholeHog 3/iPC console.

Later on this year I may possibly have 4 of them with the the camera mixing rack for a show.

Been trying out a few different ways on the 3PC application...... Can;t really find an easy way for myself.



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    Hey Kris, Firstly, for ease of programming, I start with fixture numbering when I patch. I always create my fixture numbers in sequence, For instance, for Fixtue number 1 I number the Motion at 101, the global at 102 and the Graphics at 103-104. Fixture number 2 would be Motion at 201, Global at 202 and so on.

    As far as pallete set up, I usually create a view that is only graphic folders. Because you need to have both a folder and file selected, I always create the palette with the file selected(usually the first file unless I have a favorite) Name the Palatte as the folder, i.e. HES Core, Sean Bridgewell Textures, Digital Ariels, etc. That usully gives me 2 rows of base palettes then below those, I create either a few favorites or show specific files. Make sure that when you record your palette you save it as a "Global" Palette so next time you do a show or add more DL.2s, you can use your show disk.

    In a second view, I create all of the Effects Mod stuff(being sure to record "C" color because the effects use the CMY wheels to Mod them), some objects, a few rotations as well as Focus/Zoom/Keystone info for a few of your most used positions.

    Hope this helps. Drop a line if you need anything.
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    Hey man......
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
    I'm following you when it comes to the patching side of things, however I was doing it
    11, 12, 13, 14, 15
    21, 22, 23, 24, 25
    31, 32, 34, 35, 36
    41, 42, 43, 44, 45

    Which is basicly the same. I'm not sure I get you on the setting up the pallets bit tho.... Try explaining it as if you were talking to a 2 year old.... That might help. or were you???

    Have you any screen shots?? or a show file that may help me??

    Thanks again man.


    Kris Goodman
    07784 029 892
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    I think what Scott is saying is that the modifiers for the effects are color (CMY). So when you set up an effect that you like and want to make it a pallete, you must select both Beam and Color masking to have it come up the way you want.

    On H3 there are 3 main types of palletes - Per fixture, Per Type, and Global. Basically you will want to select Per Fixture or Global when recording these palletes so that it will apply to all fixtures in your show as opposed to recording it for each individual fixture. This gets critical when you start adding/replicating fixtures.

    For more info on pallete types hit the "Help" on your desk or check out the manual @:

    I personally tend to do my user numbers like this:

    Say we've got 4 DL-2s:

    Motion user #s would be: 11,12,13,14
    Global user #s would be: 21,22,23,24
    Graphics -1 #s: 101,102,103,104
    Graphics -2 #s: 201,202,203,204
    Graphics -3 #s: 301,302,303,304

    This way if I want to Tilt all the heads I can type: 11 thru 14
    Or if I wan to make a change on Graphics -2, type: 201 thru 204

    This numbering scheme also helps when running FX from the FX generator. It makes it very easy to calculate offsets, grouping, buddying, etc.

    Of course the way you structure your groups is also critical to the speed at which you can program.

    Ultimately you have to figure out what is going to make the most sense to you and go from there.
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