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Getting ready to take 4 DL-2 out on an upcoming tour. Trying to figure out the best way to get all the preview monitors out to FOH for the LD to view without having to run 8 ethernet lines... or 8 bnc lines...
Anybody got any ideas??

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    The Camera S-video signals can either be ran as an s-video line for short distances or using the dedicated Cat 5 cable for each line as you mentioned. It is actually analog video on those cables and not Ethernet itself. Just making that clear for the others reading the thread.

    If you want the camera preview at FOH using the Cat5 with s-video baluns is about the only option. Depending on how you are planning to use them, you might get away with using a DTek switch backstage to route individual camera feeds over a single piece of Cat5 to FOH so you could view them one at a time. I would definitely consult with the LD first on how he plans using them to see if that is a practical option.

    Also, be sure to run a real Ethernet line FOH as well to use the CMA to manage and view content while programming. If you are using a lot of custom content or plan on making a lot of content changes a cheap Gigabit switch and card for your laptop will go a long way too!
  • Tony TTony T Registered User
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    Thanks to the Neg Earth guys, who supplied the tour in the UK, found the solution to sending video FOH over ethernet...


    It is a Four BNC Input to 1 Ethernet Output. You need one at each end of the line. But Can run the Cam Preview over 1 ethernet and the Output preview over a second ethernt.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Nifty little gadget!:)

    I suppose you also have adapter/converters to go from S-Video to composite as well.

    :06: Out of curiosity, are you noticing any kind of quality drop-off due to the fact that you are degrading the signal from S-Video to Composite?
  • Tony TTony T Registered User
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    We are using the Marshall converter that High End is selling... It works out great. The whole system is easy to use and configure. As far as signal loss or degredation goes I have not noticed any, mind you I am not FOH where the monitors are.. but when I check stuff it all looks good. No real loss of quality.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    I think I understand how you are using them now. You have your D-Tek switch w/ the Marshalls near the stage and are using these 4-way Baluns to send signals from the BNC output on the Marshalls to the monitors located @ FOH. Since the monitors are natively composite you shouldn't notice any kind of signal loss. Nice one!:D

    I had thought maybe you were using them to drop signal lines down from the fixtures in the rig.

    Thanks for sharing your tip! Very cool:beerchug:
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    Just a quick note, because it caught me out...make sure that you run the backstage camera switchers and the foh preview monitors on the same phase, otherwise you'll get some chop!
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