Hog500 system/software issues

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I just thought i would ask the folks here this. I have a hog 500 that i have been using in a hotel av dept. I am doing real basic stuff with it. I have 48 desk channels for lekos and such on universe 1 and 8 xspots in universe 2. I have had a problem lately in which it will just freeze mid show and i will have control over nothing at all. This really sucks to have to work around. I have tried re-installing the software and it just happened again tonight. Before i send it off does anyone have any suggestions on what i could check. The lights sometimes vary a bit but nothing crazy, usually it might be adding mac550 profiles and some 2kperf to it. anyway let me know.

Scott Long
PSAV - Washington DC


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    A common problem with Hog500/1000 consoles is that the memory can become corrupted. Whenever loading a new show into the console it is suggested to first perform a clean start. To do this hold down the ENTER key while powering on the console. Then select "Clean Start" from the menu.

    NOTE that this will erase the current show in memory, so make sure you have it backed up if you want it.

    The clean start should be performed whenever you load or start a new show or every few weeks with a continous running show.

    The problem you describe could be cause by the lack of a clean start. If the problem continues, you should contact support at 800-890-8989 or support (at) flyingpig.com

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