HOG 1000/HOG II SHOW merge problems

JonDBOJonDBO Registered User
I showed up tonight for a job and my client set up his Hog 1000, I proceeded to re-patch his show because he had new Clay packy Alpha heads. But the intensity became part of the Beams!!! When I tried to load a new show created on my Hog II pc, the 1000 did not recognize the file and aborted the load. Anyone had the same experience?? Is there an explanation and a solution??

Thanks, Jon.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited July 2006

    A common problem with Hog500/1000 consoles is that the memory can become corrupted. Whenever loading a new show into the console it is suggested to first perform a clean start. To do this hold down the ENTER key while powering on the console. Then select "Clean Start" from the menu.

    NOTE that this will erase the current show in memory, so make sure you have it backed up if you want it.

    The clean start should be performed whenever you load or start a new show or every few weeks with a continous running show.

    I would also be curious what version software is in the Hog 1000.
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