Collage Generator Software Released!

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After a successful debut last month at InfoComm, High End Systems’ Collage Generator™ feature for the DL.2 Digital Light fixture is now available for free download from the High End Systems website.

Collage Generator is a patent-pending feature that enables DL.2 fixtures to create seamless panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console.

Says Scott Blair, HES DL.2 Product Manager, "This new feature allows the user to define a panorama using a selectable array of fixtures and then manipulate the panorama as if it were one single fixture. This special form of edge-blending is optimized for this fusion of images into one."

Providing an example, Blair adds, "The user could link 4 DL.2s to create one large Central Panorama that offers an effective screen luminance of 20K lumens. Horizontal and Vertical Panoramas may also be configured using 2, 3 and 4 DL.2 fixtures or more. No longer will presentation professionals have to budget the hours necessary to set up a panoramic projection system, balancing projector white balances and aligning pixels to pixels."

Most panoramas can be set up during preproduction in under 25 minutes. Multiple panoramas can be called up as cues on one show, setting the new visual standard.

Beta test users of Collage Generator report on the benefits of using the new feature:

Says Tom Discher of Mainlight in Delaware, “I love the fact that you can cover large areas without compromising intensity. You no longer need to place your units at great distances and zoom them out until they are almost not visible. Just collage them in and the stage or wall or set is washed. This is particularly good for atmospherics, such as sky, water and so on.”

Says Gus Wimmer of Neg Earth in London, “Since Neg Earth started providing DL2s for the touring market, our clients have been using them for multi-source image projection. The labor time in this has been workable, using the traditional edge blending, but saving time is paramount on the gig. Collage Generator meets this time saving requirement. I know our clients welcome Collage Generator as another arrow in the DL2's quiver. Plus, I can have some fun with it in the workshop!”

Says Joshua Wood of Ruehling Associates in Minnesota: “Collage software has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to set up, and the result is very good. Overall I am very impressed.”

Says Rudiger Haeming of Arcus in Germany, “Setup is fine and easy with Wholehog 3. The result blows me away. It's one of the toys you have to shout to LDs: Come and just watch...! Cool!”

The software may be downloaded from this website in the support section for DL.2.

Please visit the Video Vault to watch the demo of Collage Generator.
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