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Dave BarnesDave Barnes Registered User
I know this is a forum for the Hog 3... but...
We're a high school with 3 moving lights (3 Mac 500's) and 6 scollers and we've just befome the new owners of a used Hog 600! It's still in the crate... and now I'm getting nervous. I've got to teach this board to my students in the fall (We've been using an ETC board which has now moved over for use with the conventionals) and I'd like to have a student-type manual ready for them and know a little more than they do before they train. So...
Anyone got a manual for one of these? or a Training program for one? Or any help that'll get us up and running. Anything that you could do would be much appreciated.
Thanks again and looking forward to your responses...


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Hi Dave,

    It works just like a Hog-500 or 1000, but some of the hardware is slightly different.

    There are some good resources on the FPS website like the Quick Reference Guide:


    And here with the Knowledge Base area as well:


    Hope this helps you:)
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hello, you can find the manual for the Jandshog 600 at the link below.


  • Dave BarnesDave Barnes Registered User
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    Thanks so much for the links. I checked them out and downloaded them. That'll be a place to start for us.
    So, now, we'll all be new to this board any helpful hints about this board... steps not to make... helpful tutorials that might get us off on the right foot?
    Again... thanks for the help! You guys are great.
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    you might want to contact Mario at ACT Lighting. He is the man regarding these desks and can point you to many resources I am sure.

    You might also try the Wholehog 2 tutorial on the HES site, but again while similar there are many important differences so it could get even more frustrating.
  • pbeasleypbeasley Registered User
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    because of the different screen set up on the 600 console, get very used to selecting fixture type and fixture number with the x/y syntax where 'x' is the fixture type number (starting at 1 and going through however many fixture types you have patched) and 'y' is the fixture number within that type.

    Don't try to install the HogII OS.

    Don't lose the "library disk".. Keep lots of copies handy

    Save often and rotate through 3 disks for your saves.

    There is a connector issue with these consoles.. Square pegs with round holes.. I think it is the power connection to the face panel. It will frequently come loose in shipping. many people have chosen to just solder it on for reliability sake. Check the articles at the jands sight or check with Mario.

    I'll try to put on my Way-Back hat and come up with any other helpful info.

    Hope this helps
  • HPMDWHPMDW Registered User, HES Alumni
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    The Jands Hog 600 software builds finished at 2.3 build 34 - the Hog 600 equivalent to the classic Hog 2 v.2.3 (32).

    Jands Hogs, require a library disk - like old Hog 2 builds.

    You can use neutral cure silicone to secure dodgy connectors.

    You can use Hog 2 PC with the Jands Hog 600, as long as you remember to use a library disk, use library disk fixtures rather than ROM library ones and always do a Save As v2.3 build 32.

    Best wishes,

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