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Sandals512Sandals512 Registered User
Alot of times It isn't feasible, or known before to have a playback wing on site to use with your iPC or III.
What if you could bring up a virtual wing on one of the screens with faders you can manipulate via touchscreen or mouse.

Right now for instance, 10 faders, 1 GM, 2 Video Wash, 3 Entrance Bally, 4 Set lokk list, 5 Podium 1, 6 podium 2, 7 podium 3, 8 inhibit for set look behind podium 1,9 inhibit for set behind pod 2, 10 inhibit for set brhind pod 3

I would like to have the inhibits for the set looks on a virtual wing, and be able to breakup the stage more on other physical faders etc.

yeah, also due to space constraints, no real room for a playback wing if I had the shop send one.


  • Sandals512Sandals512 Registered User
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    To add.....

    Yes I know all about virtual cuelists etc, etc, etc, been using them forever, but I need to be able to vary the intensity, i.e. need a fader :)
  • JeffroJeffro Registered User
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    This isn't really an answer to your question, but rather a way for you to save faders so you can have more at your disposal, but...

    Why not set up one cuelist on a fader that encompasses the combination of "podium looks"? It appears that maybe you can have 2 faders work the way you have 6. Combo the podiums on however many cues and jump to cues that give you the look you want and deal with intensity on the one fader...? Do the same for the inhibits?

    ... then you can use the faders for other things at least...? (just a thought) :o
  • Sandals512Sandals512 Registered User
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    Good idea, but I'm having to do alot of balancing between cameras, surprise speakers etc (these folks aren't organized)

    And not even this show, but any where I have a bunch of conventionals, sometimes it's be nice to have a speaker or set look just sit somewhere and be able to be brought down on a moments notice, but don't need it to occupy a physical fader. Be nice to do with the GM also (yes i know I can delete and use the button and encoder but that takes 2 hands instead of 1)
  • JeffroJeffro Registered User
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    The idea of "screen faders" not unlike what Hog PC already uses isn't a bad idea for a possible addition to Hog III... sounds fairly feasible too.

    What say you, codewriters?
  • amir877amir877 Registered User
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    to answer what you say Sandals512,
    Like Jeffro, You can record an HTP intensity fader with a difrent fixturs on each cue and record VM's for positions or what ever you want without Int.
    So you end this with 3 faders: 1-GM, 2-All Inhibit, 3-INT fader pod 1,2,3,Video Wash and Entrance Bally each in a difrent cue. All the other things...on the screens !

    And about the Grand Master, you can use one hand, press the GM button and the #1 Fader become a momentry Grand Master.

    I never use the all 10 fader in any show, its a Hog III so we need to start think like a Hog III, not like a scancomander...

    But, nice idea after all, could be useful in some shows.

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    With the 1.4.x software on Hog 3PC you can actually display any of the playback bars and select the "virtual faders" to be up or down. This capability will allow you to Choose playbacks by clicking on them and then use the central controls to play, stop, skip, etc.

    In the future it is feasible that a virtual fader method to adjust individual fader levels will be possible. We have had several discussions on the matter recently.

    Currently the Wholehog 3 console still uses the older method of wing connectivity (which will only display the playback bars when a wing is connected), but that will be changing to the 1.4.x method very soon.
  • Sandals512Sandals512 Registered User
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    I knew you were going to say something about that, but having them all up or all down doesn't doo me much good, I can always have a comment macro fire them all if I wanted to do that :)

    Glad to hear this has already come up.... I dont need it often (read dont have extra wings) but when I do it'd be nice.

    So when's the rock wing coming out <nudge nudge poke poke>
  • leebotleebot Registered User
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    Very good question I would love to see the rock wing reintroduced.
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    I've logged your request for an on-screen virtual playback wing as feature #9622 and I've added your comments to the enhancement.

    I'm not sure what the scheduled release date is for the expansion wing. I currently have some wings that I'm testing with, but I haven't heard when they are supposed to be released. You may want to check with your dealer to see if they can give you more information.

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited June 2006
    By the way you can learn more about the Expansion Wing at:
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