Hog2Pc wheels + tablet pc pen prob

icl7805icl7805 Registered User
thank you for this forum.

i have a prob using Hog2pc wheels with my m200 tablet pc.
when i try to use the wheels using the tablet pc pen, the wheels always turn to left only.

is there an issue to use them ?

i can use them with F10+drag, but with tablet pc, its not funny.

my system :
toshiba m200 (the pen is a wacom graphire system)
xpsp2 tablet pc edition

ps: if someone knows a way to use 2 keyboard keys at the same time with a virtual keybord, im interested :)
(in the way to use the "undo" and "set" shortcuts)
i have a kind of joystick on my tablet pc, but its not comfortable.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    When using a mouse, you can click and drag up and down to rotate the encoder left and right. If you actually try to "rotate" the encoder with the mouse it does not work too well. I suspect this is what you are trying to do with the pen. You will need to click an drag up/down to get this to function as expected.
  • icl7805icl7805 Registered User
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    it works now.
    i dont know witch step repaired it but it works.
    i installed wysiwyg
    i used the "add/remove software" to "repair" the hog2pc because i couldnt connect to wysiwyg.
    then i installed hog3pc to test wheels (work fine)

    and on today, i wanted to try again to check, and it was working...:)
    (it was always working with mouse, but not with the pen.)

    maybe i only had to "reinstall", or maybe hog3pc gave a better library....
    i dont have time to check every step again.

    sorry for disturbing.
    thank you for answer.
  • quinnquinn Registered User
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    just to clarify:

    Hog2PC decides which way and how fast you want to turn a wheel by "capturing" your mouse movements. notice the cursor disappears when you click a wheel, and re-appears in the exact same spot even though you've moved the mouse to turn the wheel...

    absolute pointing devices (such as TabletPC's, digitizers, head-mounted motion trackers, tricked out PowerGloves, etc...) are very different from mice and joysticks, so they send a very different message when moving the pointer.

    i'm gonna skip the part about how absolute and relative devices work, but when using an absolute pointing device:
    • Hog2PC wheels will turn fastest CW/up when your stylus is at the top of your screen
    • they'll turn fastest CCW/down when your stylus is at the bottom of the screen
    • they'll turn slower and then stop when you approach halfway between the top and bottom of your screen.
    so for best results, position your Hog2PC virtual front panel so the center of the wheels are exactly in the vertical center of your screen.

    (for the exact opposite results, position your panel so the wheels are at the top of the screen, try to move them and they'll all turn to the right only!)

    as for undo/set, sorry man, but hey! that's how convertables happened!

    edit: spelling
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