fonctions clavier PC sur controleur midi...

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Hello at all...
On hog2pc, I control the system in midi with a novation SL25 and a touch screen 17"a nd all functions are ok (Thanks Anders...), separately the wheels (problem of resolution). I would like to arrive at selectionner with my controllor midi the keys f10 (wheel 1) f11 (wheel 2) f12 (wheel 3) .
I would like just deporter the orders of selection of the wheels of the keyboard of computer...
I Have test the func_keys and keypad in midimap, but it's not ok.
If somebody know the syntax and have a idea...
thank you in advance of your assistance


Bonjour à tous ...
Sur hog2pc, je pilote le système en midi avec un novation SL25 et un écran tactile 17" et tout fonctionne (Thanks Anders... ) à part les roues (problème de resolution). Je voudrais arriver à selectionner avec mon controlleur midi les touches f10 (roue 1) f11 (roue 2) f12 (roue 3) je voudrais juste deporter les commandes du clavier d'ordinateur de selection des roues,
j'ai fait des essais avec les fonctions func_keys et keypad dans midimap, mais ça ne marche pas....
Si quelqu'un à une idée et connais la syntax à utiliser...
merci d'avance de votre aide



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    If somebody had a brilliant idea, that would be formidable

    thank's for you answer

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    Snif ...
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    If i understand you correct, you want to simulate keystrokes(F10,11,12) with midi?? If so, i think theres a little software out there that can help you, it's not free, you have to send the guy a postcard!!(or you can pay a little amount) but here it is:

    Since youre already using midi-ox, you can just route your midisignals from the novation to a seperate midiyoke output, and configure bome to use that midi in, that way you won't send strange midimessages to hogpc(which could couse problems)

    I have not tested this at all, but i think it could work for you!

    good luck! -Anders
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    Hi Anders,

    Yes, it is well that you understood well,
    I think that you have a good idea,
    I'm in tour in this moment, I will test that as of my return.

    thank you once more ;)

    At ++
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