3.18.0 build 3397 Hedgehog 4X desktop freeze

Hi All,
Today i have given version 3.18.0 a try on a Hedgehog 4X
For some reason the touchscreen becomes unresponsive and occasionaly freezes the desktop. It is not possible to select anything from the screen. Selecting from groups is still possible thru commandline.
Pig+Open+Backspace states that the desktop is running, however restarting the desktop fixes the problem for a few minutes. I have started a fresh new show and also in that case the console seems to lock up

Reinstalling 3.17 does not give me these problems, so i assume the console is good


  • mvdmeulenmvdmeulen Registered User
    Giving it a try on a Roadhog4 gives the same problem
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited June 29

    We found this defect while in the process of releasing 3.18.0 and decided to stop the release. Looks like you checked the website and found the 3.18.0 links before we reverted them back to 3.17.1. I would recommend downgrading back to 3.17.1 as this issue will not occur in that version.

    Can you provied the steps you took to get into this state?

  • mvdmeulenmvdmeulen Registered User
    Hi Michael,
    This morning i was updating out DP8K's and when downloading the 3.17.1 release i noticed the 3.18.0 release which i downloaded. During the update, everything worked as expected however when starting a new show i'll noticed the laggy behaviour of the console which ended up in the hanging state.

    I have downgraded our consoles and DP's allready so no worries, everything works as expected now
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