Request for TrackSpot Transformer Diagram

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Hey there,

First of all, let me thank you for your oustanding library of resources for troubleshooting my Trackspot lights. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any information about the voltage selector switch and/or the power transformer.

I was having problems getting one of my Trackspots to stay powered on when I noticed a couple of odd things about the voltage selector switch:
  • At first, I thought the voltage selector may not have been sitting correctly because upon trying to turn the switch, I could get the light to power on for a couple of seconds;
  • then I realized that if I pushed the switch in and held it just right, the light would work until I released pressure on the switch;
  • after I got the thing to work for a minute or two (by holding in the switch), I couldn't get it to work again.
So, I figured that it was most likely a worn out contact inside the selector or a spring that didn't have enough strength to make the contact work.

So I removed the voltage selector to find that the back of the voltage selector circuit card look charred, like it had shorted and burned one of traces off. I tried to repair the trace by soldering the two ends and reinstalling the switch, but it worked for a second or two then stopped again. Still, the fuse wasn't blowing, so I figured I was still safe to explore.

Again, the circuit card look as though it had been shorted and the trace connection was severed. When I opened the Voltage Selector, I realized that the reason the spring-loaded contacts weren't making their connection was because the contacts had melted into the selector housing and no spring in the world was gonna loosen them.

So then I decided to bypass the voltage selector completely and manually wire the transformer to see if the problem continued. I traced the wires and made the connections and now it just blows the fuse when I plug it in (for the power supply, not the mother board).

So I figure I have the transformer wired incorrectly (I'm hoping)

I have mapped continuity across the transformer and figured out which lines are my 120V input, but I am not sure about the windings or the secondary inputs.

Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. I wish I could afford to purchase a new selector and transformer, but alas I am strugglin' to get by as it is. So, although it may not be your preferred course of advice, I sure would appreciate it if you could help me figure this out, even if I have to use bubble-gum and paperclips to make it work.

Thanks in advance for your support, I eagerly await your response.

Best wishes,



  • joe_hallerjoe_haller Registered User, HES Staff
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    I can fax you a drawing that shows how to properly bypass the trackspot voltage selector switch, and hardwire it for 120vac or 140vac.

    Feel free to give me a shout at 800-890-8989 ext 1308. Or shoot me an email.
  • bigdarkspotbigdarkspot Registered User
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    I'm having the same problem, I'll drop you an e-mail if you're still able to send that diagram.
  • jwsavjwsav Registered User
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    it is very common to have a voltage selector switch go bad on older tspots. i just replaced 3 in the last week on 96-97 units. not bad for there age though! you can always hotwire the unit if you know you will only use it on 120v but its always good to replace it anyway so if you ever sell them it wont degrade there value to a user that might want to use them elsewhere
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Its just the contacts in the selector switch. Replace it.
    Part #
    Takes 10 min to re-solder one in. Easy gig.:D
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