Cue stuck as active during playback

I'm currently having an issue where one of my cues stays active ("follow" is green as if playing the cue) even though the cue itself isn't playing. So, this cue is a copy of another cue that comes before it (cue 27) and if I delete this cue (cue 29) and replace it with cue 27 with the following syntax: "cue 27, copy state cue 29" and then play through the show, everything functions as normal. But once we hit cue 29, it lights green when active, but once it has finished its fade, "follow" stays green as if it's still playing and then stays that way during every other cue playback throughout the rest of the show (but only during the cue's fade time). Normally I wouldn't necessarily see this as a huge issue, just a bug, but around 25% of the time this cue will cause the console to freeze and I'll have to pig +open+backspace and restart the dp8k because it's not responding. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? 

I am on a Hog 4-18 console; Version v3.15.1 (b3142) 


  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    Sounds like you might have some junk in the cue, that is causing the console to crash. The best solution would be to delete the cue, log out of your show, log in, and recreate the cue manually. I would also highly recommend updating your software as 3.17.0 introduced improved showfile back up and a showfile intergrity check., which has a good chance of preventing junk in your showfile that might cause issues.
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