Bug with Time Only Palettes


I'm running into an issue with time only palettes that wasn't there before. I'll try to explain.

In my busking show file I make use of time only palettes so I'm able to change timing in several cue's and scenes at once for all different paramaters.

For example:
- Colour Palette 5 is time only 0 seconds;
- Colour Palette 5 is time only 2 seconds;
- Colour Palette 10 is the palette I use to program cue's and scenes;
- If I like to make all my colour bumb-lists to have a time of 0s, I will copy/replace Col Palette 5 to Col Palette 10.
- If I like to make all my colour bumb-lists to have a time of 2s, I will copy/replace Col Palette 6 to Col Palette 10.

This was working fine before the pandemic, not sure what version of Hog 4 OS I was using back then. Now I'm updating my show file in Hog OS v3.17.0 and I'm running into a problem.

There is a problem with the timing executed in a cue and the timing showed in the cue/palette itself. So there is a difference how HOG 4 OS is executing the fade time of a cue and the fade time showed in the cue-editor.
When I replace the palette used in the cue (Col Pal 10), the fade-IN time is changed correctly when replacing the palette used in the cue, but the fade-OUT time is NOT changed at all. Which is weird because in the time only palette the fade-in and fade-out time is the same (e.g. both 0 seconds or both 2 seconds in the example).
The fade-out actual used to go from cue to cue is the time that was in color Palette 10 when recording the original cue. 


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  • MrTenMrTen Registered User
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    I'm not able to post the whole text. I would like to finish my bug/problem, but in the comment the post is not showed correctly (it will remove all line breaks). Is there a support e-mail address that I can use?
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    - Colour Palette 10 has a (color) time of 0s.
    - I select a part of my fixtures(e.g. 1,3,5,7,9), apply a Colour (e.g. Red) and apply time only palette 10;
    - Record List 1 Cue 1;
    - I select another part of my fixtures(e.g. 2,4,6,8,10), apply a Colour (e.g. Red) and apply time only palette 10;
    - Record List 1 Cue 2;
    - List 1 is set to Cue Only;
    - Scene 1 contains All fixtures (1>10) @ Full Intensity;

    - Playback 1 contains Scene 1, I can control the intensity of the fixtures (in white, no color information at the moment);
    - Playback 2 is List 1, my 2-part Red color bumb;
    - When pressing 'Play' of playback 2 the colors will change instantly as the timing is set to 0 seconds.

    - I'd like to change the timing and I use a Keystroke Macro to execute: "Colour 6 copy/replace to colour 10", the timing should now be 2 seconds.

    - Unfortunately the results is not as expected; The fade-in time of 2 seconds is used correctly, but the fade-out time is still set to 0 seconds.
    - when viewing the cue in the editor it shows the correct link to the correct palette and also the intended timing, no difference in time-in and time-out.

    Hopefully you do understand what I'm trying to explain. If not, please let me know and I'll try to film the issue.

    As this was working fine before I consider it to be a bug and hopefully you're able to fix this very soon. A lot of shows coming up and would be Wonderfull to use my HOG 4 on all those occasions .

    With kind regards,
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    Did some more testing. I made a new show file from scratch. Some fixtures, some groups and some colour palettes. The issue is not only with colour palette timing, also with all other paramaters.

    I ran into another issue with time only palettes that makes it all more weird and strange.
    As stated before, when I replace the ‘Bumb Time’ palette with another one, the fade-in time is changed correctly but the fade-out time is not affected, it stays like it was when the cue/list was recorded at the first place.

    I wanted to check if the same problem occurs when editing the ‘Bumb Time’ palette in the programmer. For this test I had to record the timing fixture based in stead of global, otherwise it wasn’t possible to edit the palette in an editor.

    Now the fun part:
    - When recording the cue; time in the palette was 1s;
    - I replace the palette with a timing of 2s. Result: Fade-In time of the cue is 2s, fade-out time is 1s.
    - When editing the palette (open colour palette 10), then set the timing to 0s, the result: fade-in time 0s, fade-out time gets 2s;
    - Another edit of the palette, set the timing to 4s. the result: fade-in time 4s, fade-out time becomes 0s;

    So when editing the time only palette in the editor, the newly entered time will be used as the fade-in time, but the fade-out time wil become the time set in the edit one step back. That's weird right?

    Regards, Maarten
  • kylekurtichkylekurtich Registered User, HES Staff
    Hey Maarten, I am with HES Support, and I will be looking into this for you. I sent you an email so feel free to give me any more information through there. Thanks
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