How do you create a "snapshot" cue?

Coming from the Hog 2 platform to the Hog 4: What is the equivalent of recording a cue (I think it was called snapshot) where you can add a cue within a stack that is 100% autonomous from anything else. No tracking from previous cues and no tracking into forward/new cues. It was very easy to do on the H2 -- ex. set scene, record, press softkey - menu popped up, opening a sub menu with options (from what I can remember).  


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff

    Deselect the Track Forwards button when recording the newly inserted cue. Check out section 11.7 in the User Manual.

  • cosmic_beyondcosmic_beyond Registered User
    Hi, yes thanks, I have tried that previously. It still doesn't seem to function in the exact same way that Snapshot did. I suspect I'm missing a button press or two -- it was so much easier the old way, and always worked fine.
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    Okay, I think this is what you want

    *Hog2 Snapshot will record a snapshot of the entire output

    *Hog4 to get the output into the Programmer so it will be eligible for recording would be

    Live Suck Record and then deselect Track Forward. This will put fixtures with an Intensity value above 0% into the programmer so the values will be eligible for recording.

    To get all Parameters would be to Select the Fixtures and then Suck Record and then deselect Track Forward

  • cosmic_beyondcosmic_beyond Registered User
    Thanks. I'll print your suggestion and try it out ASAP.
  • cosmic_beyondcosmic_beyond Registered User
    Did those exact steps, still had the same issue. What about the "Add All" pop-up with all the parameters? Should I select/deselect? (or) Kind Mask? State? Global?
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    Guess I don't understand your end goal as selecting the fixtures then hitting the Suck button will bring all of the parameters of the fixtures that are in playback into the programmer. At this point, your programmer is a snapshot of what is on stage.
  • cosmic_beyondcosmic_beyond Registered User
    I tried several different ways using LIVE, SUCK, and TOUCH (what used to be ACTIVE + ENTER on the Hog2). The inherent difference on H2 was that Snapshot created sort of a "blocking" cue. I could record a scene within a stack, and it had absolutely no parameters from the previous cue, and did not carryover into the next cue. As if it was on a different fader/page entirely. I can still do this, but I have to select each fixture and run the intensity to zero. This might be something better discussed over the phone while I'm at the desk. I'll keep trying different things and if I can't figure it out, I'll call into tech support. Thx
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