Parameters in programmer and output windows should match actual values, not exceed actual range

I use global palettes.
Let's say Fixture 1 is a Skypanel S-60 in Mode 6. I cannot change the CTB value to below 2800K by using the encoders or by clicking in the cell. This is good.
However, when I type "1 colour 27" it recalls the contents of Colour 27. Colour 27 is a global palette recorded as 2700K. It shows 2700K in the Programmer and output windows. ("Show Palettes" is deselected.) If I record it into a cue, when I touch or suck, it comes into the programmer as 2700K. This is a problem.
When the chief lighting technician asks me the color temperature of a light, I need to be able to tell him the actual value of the color temperature.
If a palette is asking a light to output a color temperature below its minimum, it should set it to the minimum and display the minimum value in the programmer and output window.
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