RH4 fader glitches

RbranRbran Registered User
Im thinking this is repair issue, however, I thought I'd try here to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Ive got two road hog 4s here at my shop that are having fader glitch issues and output issues. The issue with the faders are basically, when you black out the grandmaster glitches from 0% to 20/25%. Im wondering how I begin to trouble shoot this. 


  • BG_LightmanBG_Lightman Registered User
    This could be from dirt buildup overtime depending on if the units were ever toured or if anyone spilled something on the faders. You could try a can of compressed air for cleaning computer boards and follow with a vacuum to see if that helps. Another thing you can do is switch the Grand Master Location on the board in programming. Each master and fader can be programmed per your requirements. If you have a master that you never fade, you could re-assign it to the current one used as the grand master.
  • BG_LightmanBG_Lightman Registered User
    I would also verify the programming of the faders. Check the Hog4 manual under advanced programming. Look under faders and Grand Master. That should also give you a possible solution.
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