Fixture Builder Request: Allow Virtual Intensity for warm white and cool white

In the film world I'm constantly getting custom made LED fixtures thrown at me with Warm White and Cool White ribbon and a mix and match of random colors.  Whenever I want to make a custom fixture for this kind of light I have request that it be made if I want virtual intensity to work with the white diodes of the light. And the way things move on sets I don't always have the luxury of knowing with enough heads up to make the request in a timely manner.

Can we make this change in the fixture builder to allow Warm White and Cool White to have the virtual intensity tick box allowed?

I don't want to be hassling HES Customer support every time my DP or Gaffer come to me with some new LED diode combo that is being installed.  This would make life much easier for the film workflow.



  • thiseltonthiselton Registered User, Hog Beta
    I'm on my 2nd request for this type of fixture for the week with a "I need it yesterday" timeframe, and I feel I might be burning my good graces with the HES team. If this change were to be implemented we could save a lot of hassle on all sides.
  • G_WilkinsG_Wilkins Registered User
    I use the I Amber and I White parameters, that should solve your problem.
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