Effects losing their phase.

Hello programmers,

I've ran into an issue that's been in the Hog 4 software for around 2,5 years now and I hope you can help me out with this. It's an issue about the Effects engine. Even when I am programming a simple dimmer sine (for example with an offset 0 thru 360) it's losing it's offset after some time. For example: 12 fixtures have a symmetrical dimmer sine. All done by changing the offset to 0 thru 360 thru 0. After a few minutes, a few fixtures are going exactly off and on at the same time, so they lost there 'phase'. It became more like a dimmer bump than a sine effect. It's frustrating me because it's not a nice sine anymore since I programmed it. To fix this for a few minutes I've to release the cuelist where it's at and the issue appears again after a few minutes.

Can somebody explain me how to fix tis? I am now running the latest hog4 version.

Kind regards,



  • michaelgmichaelg Registered User, Hog Beta
    Hi Jelle, i experience something similar with a fly in/out-effect. My effect had a Mark-off on Int and a Ramp on tilt. When stepping through the list this (effect) cue is in, the intensity part of it unsynced with the tilt part. I disabled the sync after having built the effect. It worked for me.
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