Black Magic Design

dke211dke211 Registered User
I was looking through the Fixture Library and much to my surprize I came accross A Black Magic Design category.  much to my surprize I observed some of thier smarthubs listed.   Seeing as I am planning to purchase some of them in the near futer, I am rather curious as to how to control them using Hog.   would anyone care to shed some light (no pun intendded) on how to connect Hog to a video hub?


  • Gabbi_GriffithGabbi_Griffith Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Manual section 5.6.2 Patching Video Protocol Fixtures talks about how to patch the fixture so then you could see what Hog puts on the encoders and the parameters.
  • dke211dke211 Registered User
    edited October 27
    sir, thank you for telling me where to goto. :smile:
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