Group Pallets :: Absolute v. Preset

Would others find it useful to have two different types of group pallets. Those that are absolute, I.e. fixture ‘101-124’ then another type of group that is editable and follows cues/scenes like any other pallet.

Currently we live in an ‘absolute’ group pallet world. However, what if we also had the option to have groups that worked like a pallet not just a macro to not type fixture numbers.

For instance, let’s say I use commands to create /white/ bumps on 1/3s of the rig. Today I have 24 lights and tomorrow I have 48. To make this work for each show those three cues will have to be rewritten with the correct fixtures selected and wrote into the cue. Simple replicate would do this but it really won’t do this quickly and cleanly(in my work flow)

If these 3 cues referenced a specific group not specific fixtures I’d just have to update the pallet (like any other pallet when starting a clone/merge) and all of my bumps would work.


  • MFDMFD Registered User
    +1 I agree with you!
  • MFDMFD Registered User
    +1 Guys put "+" to make this request a priority
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