DP Crash when releasing multiple stacks via comment macro

phayesphayes Registered User, Hog Beta

I'm currently running versions 3.15.1 on a Full Boar with 3 fader wings and 2 DPs. I have a comment macro that fades 30 of my 40 faders to 0 over 1 second waits 1 second and releases my main cue stack. In one song I have 2 300 bpm chase stacks (set to go off 0 and release at 0) and my main stack when I run the macro after it does the fade faders step both of my DPs and the internal DP crashes. I've disabled the internal Dp and viz stream and removed all none used universes from the processor map. main DP has a priority of 101.  if i release the 2 chase stacks before running the macro everything is fine. is there some bug with releasing multiple stacks? 


  • marcjanowitzmarcjanowitz Registered User
    THIS IS A SHOWSTOPPER!! Anything ever come of this? I've got the same issue (shocker eh Pat?) - update though... The chase stacks seem to have nothing to do with it except, perhaps in the using of processor resources. Scenario: end of song, kill GM. execute "end of song macro" to pull down all faders and release stack. Sometimes, works, sometimes freezes console for 30-60 seconds. No rhyme/reason - first 30-60 seconds of next song are done in blue transition or follow-spots only.
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    One of our Support Guys (Kyle) is going to reach out to you.

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