Mirror effect

Hey all! I have a question about an effect I'm thinking of. I have 10 moving fixtures in a row. I want them all to start at a center point (5 stage right facing in, 5 stage left facing in) >><<. Then fan out and dim from the outside inward <<>>, mirroring stage left and right. Then come back to the center, rinse and repeat. I would like to build this as an effect and not a cue/step. I hope this makes sense. Thank you!


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Use a combination of Sin/Ramp for the pan and step on the dimmer. Adjust without fannning. when the offset and speed is set, use spread to fan the values and set the fannig to be center
  • epickettepickett Registered User
    When I try that, they still only move in one direction, but the rate is fanned. They wont start from a center point for me and spread out.
  • epickettepickett Registered User
    Maybe I was doing it wrong with fanning, but I was able to achieve the effect I want. I haven't gotten it 100% nailed down yet, but I used a combination of selection order and buddying. Then reverse the direction of stage left lights panning so I get a symmetrical look splitting from the center. I also want the intensity to fade and not step on/off. Getting that timing right using sine wave is part of where my trouble is. How do you set up using the combination of sin/ramp on pan? Maybe I'm setting that part up wrong.
  • DsaveskiDsaveski Registered User, Hog Beta
    If it’s a pan effect. Select example 1thru 10 and apply effect.
    Select 6 thru 10 and reverse the effect.
    Reselect all fixtures again 1 thru 10.
    Hold fan button and press normal then rotate offset encoder.

    If it’s a tilt or dimmer effect. Select 1 thru 10. Hold fan and select centre out arrow and rotate offset.
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