Help with Technobeam Error

readyornotreadyornot Registered User
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Hello all, first post here.
I just received a used technobeam which never boots up. Upon power, all led segments light, but it will not go any further.

Advice and guidance are requested for this newbie.



  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    There is a chance that the firmware in it got borked in a failed upgrade. Do you have another Technobeam around of the same vintage (i.e. same color strip/text on the side)?

    If so, then you can try crossloading the firmware from one unit to another and see if that brings it back.

  • readyornotreadyornot Registered User
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    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for your reply. I tried XLD last night with interesting and disappointing results.

    I XLD'ed about a dozen times with no apparent result, then the troubled fixture came to life, the display went through a normal startup including home etc. After a couple minutes of normal operation, I power cycled the unit to make sure the fix stayed, and it went back to being comatose. I tried XLDing another dozen or so times with no effect at all.

    Does this help narrow possibilities? I'm thinking I have a board problem, but sure would like a fix thats less expensive than swapping out the mother board.

    Any guidance is appreciated. Glenn
  • readyornotreadyornot Registered User
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    Upon applying power, all LED segments light.

    No boot, no nothing other than LED lit.

    Help! Please!

  • LightGuy48LightGuy48 Registered User
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    Double-check the voltage/frequency switch settings. If set to 240v on 110v the unit will likely not boot.

    If the voltage/frequency settings are correct it may be the crystal failed. I had a couple with similar issues.
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    I have the same thing happing, also my ac motor fuse blows as soon as power is applied. any clues would big a big help! also its a techno i
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