Backspace ability on a wrong Fixture Number

 Can I ask for the ability to change what happens when I type in a wrong number on the command line for a fixture, so that when I see this error I can use the back space to delete one digit only instead of losing the whole group of digits that are on the command line.

Eg: I type 1233 (Error) I go and hit back space to get rid of that second 3 because is the fixture I wanted is 123, but the command line clears completely clears when I currently hit back space. Maybe programmers like this, but I don't, so maybe it needs to be an option. Thanks for looking at this.


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    I'm not seeing that behaviour - I can backspace 1 digit. Are you aware that a double-tap of the backspace key is intended to clear the whole command line - perhaps that is what you're seeing?
  • Mutsi99Mutsi99 Registered User
    Thanks Simon Sorry I forgot to add a step . If type 1233 instead of 123 and then hit say @ Full, Then I get 'Unknown' then when I back space I lose the whole command line.
  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    Ah yeah, I think that is because 'at full' is the end of a valid syntax command (even if the fixture doesn't exist) so Hog clears the whole line ready for the next command. If you typed 1233 Colour or 1233@6, they both let you backspace your way back to the fixture number as the command syntax hasn't been completed. That would be my guess anyway!
  • Mutsi99Mutsi99 Registered User
    Yes, but why is a typo considered to a completion of the syntax.
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