More functions for the FLASH-Button

since we now have the "Effect Tap Tempo" function to adjust the effect speed with a tap option ... I would wish very much that we can also set the FLASH button as a TAP sync button.

What I mean: The function is good, but holding the Chose-button and tapping out a tempo on the Pause key is very long-winded. You need two fingers every time.
It would be very nice to be able to bind this funktion to ONE BUTTON (e.g. the Flash button).

For example, I often use batches to play a wide variety of chasers at a speed that is controlled by this batch. The same for effects in a batch that controls the effect tempo.

With both parameters it would be very nice if the TAP-Sync (Chose + Pause-Tapping or Chose + Play-Tapping) could also be linked to the FLASH key.

Or is there already a way to use it that way??

Thank you very much!
Best regards,


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