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stephlightstephlight Registered User
As we could have different time for pan, tilt, dimmer..... could we have different priority on eatch.
If we have on sub 1 main cuelist running with priority level 1 and sub 2 Pan chase running with priority level 2, but at one precise moment we want that fixture 1 and 8 stay at the position of main cuelist so we would have just to put priority level 3 on Pan to these fixtures in the cue X of main cuelist, in cue X+1 if we put priority level 1 on Pan fixture 1 and 8 will go on chase.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited May 2006
    Interesting idea. I have logged this suggestion as item #9354.

  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited May 2006
    you are welcome.
    Night is good for ideas, i thought about that at 3 AM.
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