Bug report: output window not showing all active fixtures

thiseltonthiselton Registered User, Hog Beta
It’s a bit of an extreme scenario, but as a stress test we patched and ran a sine wave fx across 392 universes (200,704 desk channels). But when I ran the cue, although everything actually was sending out properly (thanks sacn viewer), the output window only showed the first 65,536 desk channels. My team’s best guess is that the underlying code for the output window is a 16b integer which of course wouldn’t show channels beyond 16b worth of channels (65,536).


  • thiseltonthiselton Registered User, Hog Beta
    Further detail, rig was running 3.15.1.
    6 HPUs and one RH4 all maxed out. All connected via a VLAN’d hognet and fixturenet network.
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