Fixture builder

In fixture builder, I would like change the Feature "continuous" to "variable" for the function "VFX Param".
Unfortunately, "continuous" feature is the only choice.

1st question: Why is it the only choice?
2nd question: How can I change this?

Thank you for your answer.




  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    Continuous and variable will act the same when a range from 0>255 for DMX values are assigned. I don't believe you need to change it. What type of parameter are you trying to build?
  • dignedigne Registered User
    It's strange because I notice that it does not work the same way ....

    let's build a fixture:
    channel 1: dmx 0> 255, function Cyan, Feature variable, value 0> 100%
    channel 2: dmx 0> 255, function VFX param 1, Feature Continuous, value 0> 255

    After building the fixture, patching, etc .... let's put channel 1 @ 100, and channel 2 @ 255 (this is the 1st difference between continuous and variable. continuous values are 0>255 and variable values are 0>100%)
    I record on a cue, open the output window (or dmx output) to see what happens ... And that's when I see that channel 1 goes @ 100 with a fade and the channel 2 goes @ 255 without fade ...

    maybe I'm wrong, but it would seem that continuous and variable do not act in the same way.

    Do you have a different result?
  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    VFX is supposed to be used to recall different video effects and have a default snapping parameter. If you want it to fade, you will need to adjust the path to be linear. What type of parameter are you trying to build though? Maybe there is a better parameter to use.
  • dignedigne Registered User
    If I adjust the path ti linear it's ok for fade in, but when I release there is no fade out... I use VFX whith a hippotizer. and I need fade on some parameter (for shutters for exemple...) I understand that you think that VFX is supposed to be used to recall different video effects, but I sincerely think it would be good to give us the option of choosing. In my case it's very annoying I would even say that in absolute terms we should be able to create a parameter end to end: that we can create the function we want (with the name we want), choose from ALL the features, and say if we want values in percentage or in real. What do you think?
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