3.15.1 Firing Macros from Macro Directory

dandan Registered User, Hog Beta
3.15.1. RH4 and HogPC

If you trigger a MACRO from the Macro Directory Window (Guard=OFF) then the Macro fires on both the button press, and the release.
This seems very wrong, as the macro is firing twice, and across the platform (and since Hog2) we have only ever triggered items on the touch-screen release (Groups, for example, are only selected on the touch-screen release).
I am unsure how long this has been an issue for, as I only started noticing it using screen-sharing, and was surprised to repro it on a console.



  • Gabbi_GriffithGabbi_Griffith Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited May 6
    Hi Dan,

    This issue has been around since at least 3.8.0. We've got it logged as H4OS-4218.

  • dandan Registered User, Hog Beta
    Thanks for the update Gabbi. Is there a workaround? or plans for an immanent fix?
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