The Trackspot won't receive DMX ?.

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I have two trackspots with the exact same problem. These Trackspots have the "red" dip switch boards. I will do my best to describe everything I know.

Good Stuff
1) The fixtures will power up with no problems
2) The fixtures will perform all of the self tests with no issues
3) The fixtures will "center" with all dips on and personality dip on.
4) I have replaced the 8 pin IC chip with one from a good fixture with no change.

Bad Stuff
1) When I run a DMX cable from my NSI ML16 to either fixture I get no response
2) As soon as I plug the DMX into the socket the fixture does not recognize the input nor will it reset.
3)When I try to run in master/slave neither fixture will respond as the slave.

I think there is a problem with the DMX connectors but I really have no idea. 

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