Encoder Wheel Lag with Windows 10 Update

TGPTGP Registered User, Hog Beta
When I use the physical encoder wheels on the Hoglet 4, the display on my monitor lags (as do the physical fixture) 1-3 seconds. It can reproduce it with a simple intensity change on a fixture. It started for me with widows update March 9, KB000802, OS Build 19041.867 and 19042.867. I am on Windows 20H2 OS Build 19042.867   When I back out that Windows 10 update, the issue goes away. The computer system is dedicated to only this application, nvidia graphics card, significant memory, etc.. All USB are directly into the computer. I am running HOG 3.15.0 (b.3121).   I backed out that windows update and the issue went away so it certainly appears to be related to that update.
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