Assert + locked faders

So today I was trying to educate myself using Hog4PC and Roadhog. Connecting and using was pretty straight forward until I got to assert some cues.

When I pressed ‘a’ on the keyboard of the laptop or assert on the hog the cue of the chosen list wasn’t asserted. Instead it asserted another cue in a different list. I’ve tried it witch multiple lists and still the same cue was asserted. Only an log off/on fixed it.

After that was sorted I faded some masters though command macros set from the console and the pc. At first I was able to take over the values by moving the fader to the same value but after a while I couldn’t. Even when pressing choose and using the encoder or using the fader in hog4PC it wouldn’t budge. Again a log off/on fixed it.

Does this have anything to do with network settings? Or am I just doing something wrong?
Roadhog net number 1
Hog4PC net number 2
Same ports
No hardware connected to the pc

Thank you,
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