Enhancements to Copying fixture parameters

Copy works, but it works slowly, and it doesn't work with tracked changes. Currently, the syntax is: list, cue, fixture, copy, fixture.
But if the fixture in question only has tracked values in the referenced cue, those values are not copied. 

I propose that copying values should copy tracked values. It would be nice if it defaulted to copying the fixture to the programmer instead of copying into another cue if you forget to hit the second "fixture" keystroke. A bonus would be if no list or cue is specified and the source is not in the programmer, it should copy the values the fixture is currently outputting. I think this would greatly enhance the useability. 



  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    List,cue,fixture,copy,STATE,fixture will use tracked values. If you hit enter after State it does indeed pull the values into the programmer.
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