Cloning Fixture Parameters

Copy works, but it works slowly, and it doesn't work with tracked changes. Currently, the syntax is: list, cue, fixture, copy, fixture.
But if the fixture in question only has tracked values in the referenced cue, those values are not copied.

I propose that copying values should copy tracked values, and if no list or cue is specified and the source is not in the programmer, it should copy the values the fixture is currently outputting. This would greatly enhance the useability.



  • G_WilkinsG_Wilkins Registered User
    I meant to post this in Requests and Enhancements
  • dandan Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited March 4
    Live will do the values the fixture is currently outputting. State will do the tracked values as well. Cue 7 copy State 9 will copy all the tracked values so far into the new cue. Cue 7 copy State 7 will copy all the tracked values so far into the existing cue (a blocking cue) so you can safely edit/delete previous cues without changing Cue 7. Fixture 10 touch will put the current outputted state (from all active cellists) into the programmer. Live works in a similar way, but I am unfamiliar with it's east use. These actions are great to record to macros, and assign to a command button. I often to that to move programming between groups of fixtures.... and its easier to do in an edit window, as then you can knockout the old fixtures after copying their values.
  • G_WilkinsG_Wilkins Registered User
    Thanks for your reply, I didn't think to use state when copying out a fixture. At least that makes it useable for me, even though its such a long command. It feels like it should be able to be simpler with the assumptions I listed, which I don't think would cause an unintended change in functionality. But I could very well be wrong.
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