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Hello! I have used Hog 4 for awhile but I am new to using the midi functionality of this software. The band that I am working for wants full automation that is synced with their tracks. They will use neither LTC nor MTC. So I have landed on midi notes. Now I have programmed all my cues into cuelists but they want to be able to not just go through the list linearly. They want to be able to do a spontaneous chorus or bridge at the end of their song and they want the lights to jump back with them. They also are going to change up the set list every night so i would want the songs not to be tied to a master. Should I use comment macros, or just tell them that it is not possible. Please give me as much help as you can give me.
Thank you in advance!  


  • maeganw12maeganw12 Registered User, HES Alumni
    If they can send a midi note to the console, then you can trigger a specific cue in a cuelist using the MIDI Note input comment macros. They still need to be programmed like Midi note 1 channel 1 will trigger list 8 cue 12. https://www.highend.com/pub/support/controllers/documents/html/en/sect-midi_note_input.htm the last section discusses using comment macros Also, doing random songs a night sounds like a job for MIDI notes as well. They can send the note to the console, then you assign to trigger the list. Only trigger lists. Don't trigger masters when using MIDI comment macros and then they won't be tied to masters.
  • Bubbajoe44Bubbajoe44 Registered User
    Thank you I will try that solution.
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