Programmer-based CCT

A question for the developers. Is the possibility of a console-based color temperature parameter being investigated? I'm not meaning a dedicated cct parameter that exists on the fixture profile, but rather a programming based parameter that adjusts the output of an led fixture that is capable of hitting the color temperature on its own. By on its own in this instance means that the fixture has specific non-mixable presets of different color temperatures in it's 16-bit mode and a separate 8-bit mode that is hue, saturation, intensity, and cct. In the hsic mode, the color parameters only able to be controlled by dedicated parameters and not by the hsi color parameters of the hog.

The reason I ask is that the feature does seem to exist on a console that I consider to be inferior to the Hog4 in every way. While it may only be approximate, that's still better than nothing if it arrives at that color by any means aside from visually comparing led output against a gel'ed 4000 K fixture. In a time when I'm lighting far more video, the base color temperature is much more crucial than it used to be.

Specifics-wise: the fixture is the showline sl par 155 zoom. The other console that does what I'm referring to is the cognito. It does adjust color temp on fixtures without a dedicated cct parameter on this as well as others.



  • G_WilkinsG_Wilkins Registered User
    I think a preset parameter with custom labels is the solution here. Like how MA lets you create a fixture with custom labeled Functions. Custom labels for parameter values would be great, but may be incompatible with how Hog works internally.
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