Using incoming dmx signals


I think that there have been several talks about incoming DMX signals in this forum.

If I followed it correctly, the topic is forgotten again. I would like to have the possibility to trigger cuelists via a DMX signal coming into the console via sACN or ARTNet.

We should also have the possibility to control the fader position via a DMX signal (ARTNet/sACN).

In the past I often had the situation, that I had lamps in front of co2 fountains, which should color the effect. Unfortunately I always had to take a detour via third party products to get the trigger into the console. The effects are often controlled by simple consoles that can't speak OSC. Of course you could say that solving the task is on the other side, but in my opinion, reading a DMX signal to trigger a cue, fader or flash button is a basic feature of a device whose main task is to work with DMX signals.



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