HOG 4 Nano Docking

HOG 4 Nano Docking (custom made version from the german company Arcus)

It can be used as a touring system as one big device or you can click out the console and use it with a laptop for small venues.

I will send photos per pm.

Serial Number: I will send the number in pm.

Hamburg, Germany

Willing to ship worldwide if needed.

Asking price: £ 5.000 (5.500 €)

This console was used for freelance theatre jobs. Just by myself and I think not more than ten times. I just do not need that console that often anymore.

Included in this deal:

 HOG 4 Nano Docking:

 4 Ports DMX Outputs plus Ethernet

 1 Power cable

1 mouse

1 keypad

1 desk lamp

1 dust cover

1 road case with wheels

Integrated Touch PC:


Intel i5 2,9GHz Quad-Core



Looking forward to your requests:)



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