Arntet output and Console Fail-over

Hello All, I'm attempting at use a Full Boar 4 as a Primary Console and a Road Hog 4 as a Tracking/Fail-Over console. I'm using Artnet to a converter to output DMX, as well as my laptop on the Artnet network to monitor. Have both consoles on the same network, Port 6600, Net 1, and run server enabled. When i disconnect the Full Boar, i get a notification saying that it has been disconnected and the Road Hog is taking primary control, but it doesn't start outputting any individual channels. I can see the Subnet/Universe are active from the console, but no signal for any channel. What am i doing wrong lol.


  • michaelgmichaelg Registered User, Hog Beta
    Hi WannabeLD, afaik you have to set your primary DP8000 to Net number 1, your secondary DP8000 to Net number 2 (manual HogOS 13.5.1 p.68-69). If you have two DP8000 with the same Net number, the second one is idle (message note p. 63)
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