Hog4 Pc - router - node issues

Hello, I am having some issues with my set up, I am currently running hog4pc on my laptop. I have a super widget connected to unlock 4 universes. I connect my laptop wirelessly to an amplifi router and the router is connected via ethernet to a chauvet 8 universe node. Im using the router as a dhcp server, and the hog4 and node are set to find ip via the router. I've had it working a handfull of times but it often requires multiple reboots to get any response. For instance yesterday I tried for 45 minutes to get it working and nothing, today I came in first thing and it responded first try. I am just wondering if you guys had any tips on how to troubleshoot this. Or any ideas how to change my setup so this doesn't occur. Im at the hair pulling stage now. :)


  • cslightandaudiocslightandaudio Registered User
    Have you tried turning off all of the network adapters other than the wireless one? Also have you tried turning off firewall?
  • FootsicleFootsicle Registered User
    No i havent tried that. I will give that a go and see what happens. Thanks,
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