Hog 4 Stock Pixel Map Media

I'm working on a showfile that was created before High End added all of the new stock pixel map media to the Hog, so there are only about 10 files to choose from. I know i can add my own media, but is there a way to add all the new stock media to the older showfile. There seems to be a hundred new media files when you start a new show on hog 4. 2nd question- I would like to speed up "the gear tunnel" media clip past what the play speed allows you to speed it up to. Is there a way to pull that media off of the console? thanks in advance!


  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    Hi, I don't think this is currently possible and is a S/W limitation. If a show was created using software that did not include the new media then it is not possible to have a show with that media. I know that Dan Hardiman who created most/all of the new media did have a link a while back to some media which was very similar which you might be able to add to an existing showfile. Perhaps this has changed recently but as far as i know you can't have a old showfile with the new media. Good luck Cormac
  • sclausensclausen Registered User, HES Staff
    Hello - 1) to get an old show file up to date with all the new media files, make a new show file, patch a single pixelmap layer somewhere out of the way of your old show file's patch, then merge the old file into the new. 2) we will look at posting the media files as a zip on the web site. Stay tuned. Hope this helps-
  • MacproltdMacproltd Registered User
    Did a link to the media files ever get posted? Im running a older version on a show file and would like to up load some more media into it? Thanks
  • smartomsksmartomsk Registered User
    Same problem. No news since 2021?
  • sclausensclausen Registered User, HES Staff
    Hey there - the method using show merge is still the way to do this.
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