High End Hog 4-18 Full Size for Sale Midwest USA

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My organization has a HES Full Size Hog 4-18 For Sale:

Model: Hog 4-18 Console

Serial: 5508317010646

Manufacture Date: Jan 25, 2017

Location: Carmel Indiana USA (Willing to ship freight to domestic US, International Can Be Considered!)

Method of Payment: Cash, Check, PayPal, Credit, Debit (We have the eBay listing at the end of the post, but direct payment preferred)

Asking Price: ~$22,000 (Negotiable)

Use Case: Used in a house of worship, megachurch environment for ~2 years. Never left the sound booth, was only powered on 3-5 times a week and used for ~8 hours at a time. We kept it in perfect condition, left the cover on it when not in use, and it still looks like it is in perfect new condition.

Included: 2x Desk Lights, Road Case, Duct Cover, USB Sticks, DVI/VGA Converter (We also have a DP8K, Hoglet, Rack Hog, and Road Hog 4 all that we will be posting soon. Please let me know if you have any interest in these items as we could do a combo discount.)

Pictures: Please see the eBay listing 'here'


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