Hog 4 OS v3.13.1 Fade Changes Bug

I've recently discovered a bug with the Fade Changes feature in the Cue Editor that is best described in my video from a real Hog console: https://youtu.be/w_xC1Mt_rQk When opening the Cue Editor to edit a cue, disabling the blind key, and enabling Fade Changes (used by me in order to allow tungsten lamps to have a smooth fade to 100% to prevent stress to lamps and dimmers while I edit their intensities), all parameters included in the cue will be shown permanently on all DP outputs until the console is restarted (killing tasks apparently fixes nothing when this occurs). Is this a known issue or actually proper behavior for this series of keystrokes and is there a workaround? Thanks in advance.


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    It looks like the editor is not closed. Can you have look at your output window, source and look where the data is coming from
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