Fixture Builder

I joined the Fixture Builder webinar just a few moments ago and it was great!! Great job Megan and Paul! After the webinar i ended up with some question and feature requests. VIRTUAL STROBE An option that would be nice to have is a Virtual Strobe function for all those fixtures which only have a strobe channel 1-20Hz. This Virtual Strobe should contain the most used strobe modes like Rate, Random, Ram Up -> Snap, Snap -> Ramp Down, Random Ramp Up > Snap and Random Snap -> Ramp Down. DEFINING SLOTS When building a fixture you can choose the amount of colorwheel slots or gobowheel slots but you can't define the range between which those are distributed. For example on a color wheel you have 8 slots with the whole color, then 8 slots with split colors, and the some colorscrolling options. It would be nice i you can define the rang for the whole color slots e.g. 8 sots, 4 > 98, then for the split colors e.g. 8 slots, 104 > 182. TABLE EDITOR In Hog 2 software version 4 (which never released official) you had an Effect Table editor so you could create you own Table to make like a 3 step color bump. Is there a request for this?? EMPTY CHANNEL When adding channels for the fixture, there's not a direct way adding an empty channel which just does 0-255 is 1-100%. Would be nice to have that option for quickly adding those features of a fixture that are not present in de Fixture Builder right now. It would be very nice if you could also name the channel yourself with a function name which suits the description in the manual for that function. Presets and all that stuff would not work for that channel when changing type etc. I think most of us can live with that knowing that most of the times you just need that Special Channel Function for only that show. Thanks in advance for replying. Sander de Graaf
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